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Gustave Joseph Verdult -Biography-


Gustave Verdult was born in Holland.

As a boy he witnessed the atrocities of Hitler's Evil War. 

A child prodigy at the age of eight, he gave piano recitals in his village. 

A disappointment to his parents, who wanted him to become a doctor, he attended culinary art and candy schools in Belgium.

He studied the art of pastry chef and ice-carving in Holland.

In New York, he became the youngest pastry chef in hotels and summer resorts.

He was drafted into the United States Army and married into an Italian family after finishing his service.

In Long Island while raising his family he invested in real estate.

Wanting to do his own thing he moved to California withe his family of six children.

He became a supervisor for Disneyland's restaurant chain. 

Following his hearts desires, he left Disneyland and opened bakeries in California and in New Jersey.

As a sideline he bought bay front property, bulldozed and leveled the site for a subdivision.   

He purchased an abandoned gas station in Santa Ana, tore it down,
 and build a large bakery with offices and land for a future restaurant.   

After his divorce, in Monterey he bought a small house located on top of a mountain, and turned into a Majestic Italian Villa.

His creative energy was rewarded when he subdivided a 330 acre Ranch in Santa Margarita on which he bulldozed several dams for a future lake site with all the amenities for a mobile trailer park. 

During the heavy rain season however, the dams gave way and the entire project came to an end.
He opened several antique stores in California and las Vegas, 
which for most part failed to make him much money.

Dealing with his never-ending loneliness and the death of his wife,
 in his spare time he gave piano concerts for community services. 

In Sunnyvale he composed and played a romantic piano piece with operatic overtones that belonged in some movie production for which he received a notation reward as a composer/pianist.

He lectured at several Universities in the area of spiritual psychology and received letters
 of recommendation for his work in philosophy.

In 1987 he wrote and sent several disclosures to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger about a controversial issue with the Diocese of Monterey for which he received the Cardinal's gratitude for his concern and his religious convictions.

At a televised Speech at the University of las Vegas, 
he received a standing ovation for his philosophy on obtaining World Peace.

A gifted writer, he hopes to publish his books that incorporate the subject of psychology of evil and raise the conscious awareness to develop spiritual growth, (mental health) in a society that is,
 for most part, lost in self-indulgence.

He plans on composing and writing classical piano and organ arrangements
 on CD's and distribute them at cost.

He is a friend of Bishop Ambrozia in Kenya, 
East Africa and seeks support from anyone to help feed his poor. 

Gustave is also an Eucharistic Minister for the sick and the dying.

He is  widowed father of six children and seven grandchildren.

He claims he is self-taught and that his many talents came to him by the grace of God.


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